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Technical Writing and Training

Established on 2000, we provide technical author services to many branches of industry and commerce. We have covered a wide range of technical subjects, including:

Writing style is important. If people like the writing style and the appearance, they will enjoy reading it. If they don't like it, they'll call your Help Desk instead. And that costs money...

We specialise in writing 'plain English' wherever possible. This means more people can read technical documentation, quicker and with fewer mistakes.

We research the content carefully. This makes sure we capture all the necessary information, arrange it correctly, and then derive the correct structure.

Good navigation is essential: our Manuals include a thorough 'Index at the back'. This helps the readers to find what they want, quickly.

Appearance is important too. It needs to be "easy on the eye", so we use best layout practices. We include the right balance of images (photographs, screenshots, diagrams, etc). We also undertake photography where appropriate.

We produce technical documentation in the form of:

Technical Writer background and skills

Science graduate (Applied Physics, Electronics and Control Engineering to Masters level at 4 universities). Also, wide industrial, technical and writing experience in many business fields, including: 

Personal, dedicated involvement as a Technical Author with your company, your products, your staff and your customers.

For writing professional Documentation services at a reasonable price, please contact us.

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